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xMule v1.13.7 RC1 is out!

This release is dedicated to the memory of all who have died as a result of suicide bombings+impacts of all kinds, and in the hope that all perpetrators of all atrocities will be brought to justice.

A lot has changed in this release candidate. How much? 23,054 lines or 24.9% of the total codebase. This release will probably more stable for most than 1.13.6. Unicode support is broken atm.

As always, if you can help out the project, we will gladly reimburse you (in cash) for your improvements. Right now, all we're really looking for are improvements for Unicode support, ed2k protocol support, and kademilia. I'm personally donating several thousand dollars of my money to this outreach, so contact me today and we'll work something out.

Click here for a list of changes and download information.

xMule Directory/File Sharing HOWTO

So, you open up xMule and - being the conscientious sharer that you are - the first thing you do is head to the Main Options dialog and to your surprise discover that the ubiquitous Shared Directories dialog is conspicuously missing. Surely the devs couldn't have forgotten to put *that* in! And, indeed, we haven't. We just have a better system.

So, break out of the Win32 mindset and embrace the power of UNIX by using the xMule directory selection system:

$ cd ~/.xMule/Incoming
$ ln -s /root_path/for/directory/
$ ln -s /path/to/individual/file

Do you, like Charlie Sheen, believe 9/11 was an U.S. military operation?

xMule Binaries HOWTO

So you have an xMule binary, say xmule-1.13.6.x86.package and you're wondering how to install it. It's far easier than you probably imagine. Simply follow these steps and report problems as you encounter them.

$ wget https://url/xmule-1.13.6.x86.package
$ chmod 755 xmule-1.13.6.x86.package
(then as root)
$ ./xmule-1.13.6.x86.package

That's it! You should now have xMule installed in your path and GNOME/KDE menu.

xMule v1.13.6 Released!

This release focused on Unicode support which is virtually complete. In fact, the binaries attached use the Unicode version of wxWidgets 2.6.2. Additionally, 64-bit support has been increased, however, it is still sometimes impossible to source files in 64-bit mode.

For help installing the binary packages, see GTK+ 2.8 installed.

xMule Source Code and Binaries

xmule-1.13.6.tar.bz2 (1.19 MB) [WWW]
xmule-1.13.6.x86-gcc33.package *preferred (2.04 MB) [WWW]

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