xMule v1.13.7 RC1 is out!

This release is dedicated to the memory of all who have died as a result of suicide bombings+impacts of all kinds, and in the hope that all perpetrators of all atrocities will be brought to justice.

A lot has changed in this release candidate. How much? 23,054 lines or 24.9% of the total codebase. This release will probably more stable for most than 1.13.6. Unicode support is broken atm.

As always, if you can help out the project, we will gladly reimburse you (in cash) for your improvements. Right now, all we're really looking for are improvements for Unicode support, ed2k protocol support, and kademilia. I'm personally donating several thousand dollars of my money to this outreach, so contact me today and we'll work something out.

Click here for a list of changes and download information.


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