xMule is Now Illegal :-/

I can no longer legally develop xMule since I am in the jurisdiction of the United States. The Supreme [fascist] Court of the USA has unilaterally declared that programmers of filesharing programs — even when there is *zero* financial gain (i haven't received a donation since 31 Dec 2003) — can be sued for making the program. Luckily for you, all the aMule devs live outside the USA. Unlucky for me, fate sides with them again.

You may find my essay on how Judicial Tyranny Killed America in 1803 interesting.

Since I have already been sued by the MPAA once for xMule (the very day aMule started, hostily), I will not risk further action and thus I am hiring an attorney to determine how much I must remove of xMule. It may be possible that the only way to find it in the near future is through ::ahem:: illegal means...

If you live outside of the United States, I am willing to pay you to take control of this project.

If some one can get me citizenship in another country and a job with a decent standard of living (equiv of $12 / hr US) I will give you my income for the first year-to-date that I move there, paypable over 10 years (e.g. at least $25,000).

A major pre-requisite, however, is the availablity of copious amounts (6mg daily) of growth hormones...which cost $50,000 a year here.



Just hope that project dont die cause of that BS law.

The US court only determined

The US court only determined that "File-sharing services that encourage their users to illegally swap music and movies may be sued even if they have no direct control over the illegal activity", so as long as you don't encourage to do illegal activities (which, btw, you did several times, so you better start searching on page history), it's not that critical.

The point is, this sends the case back to lower court, which will then decide on trial. This doesn't mean anything is decided yet, so we'll better wait.

As long as noone encourages illegal activities, and, to be safe, discourages them (as we do and eMule does), this should not be a problem.

BTW: "The message this ruling sends is if your busines plan is to make money through copyright infringement, you better change your business plan." Ted, I think you should remove all your whining for money right now. And delete your comments about how you want to make profit out of xMule.

See, the non-profit work is what *mule was about. you and edonkey try to make money of it... so you're the ones that could have problems.

I wonder, did the Grokster

I wonder, did the Grokster guys ever encouraged illegal activities? :o Looking at their website, I see no such encouragement...

Me neither. But they are a

Me neither. But they are a company, and they base their incoming on a filesharing app, which makes them suspicious. anyway, looking at the news, seeems more important that people like Apple actively "discourages people".

Kry, "Just Leave Us Alone"

The first paragraph was insightful. The second, very questionable. The rest is a trollfest.

Go by your proper name of Kry of aMule — as you do at incendiary.ws — when you talk shit and, please, troll to my personal email account only. The alternative is to directly link to a single comment I have made at aMule forums within the last 3 months and the total I have made since 13 March 2005.

Uh... what kind of ignorant

Uh... what kind of ignorant guy are you?

The nick I use here is because you banned my common nick on your page. So don't blame me for use it.

And none of the comments were a trollfest. I was just trying to help you, as I see you're in trouble. As it turns out to be, you're not even capable of seeing when people tries to help you.

Man, that gotta be a hell of a life if you talk like that to people that tries to help. No wonder you get none.

"Kry" wasn't banned (at

"Kry" wasn't banned (at least not from Drupal). I renamed your nickname now. E-mail me if it's not ok by you, or if you rather have a different nickname... ;)

It was banned on the

It was banned on the previous forum soft, and when migrating to drupal, I just kept the migrated account.

It's ok to have it changed now :) Thanks.