xMule 1.10.0

It happened! After 6 months of refactoring the 1.9-unstable branch, I am pleased to announce the release of xMule 1.10.0 in the stable branch. Stable releases are usually far more fail-safe, less resource-hungry, and generally better-performing than their unstable/testing brethren.

Great care has gone into making sure this version preforms better than any previous release, both unstable and otherwise, and thus is recommended over every existing release for every person, especially those still using 1.8.4.

xmule-1.10.0.rar (1.08 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]
xmule-1.10.0.tar.bz2 (1.19 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]

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Version 1.10.0 -------------- 2004-03-20 * FIXED: ./configure now properly detects whether libcrypto++ is installed. * FIXED: A 1.9.5-specific crash when canceling a download. * FIXED: Slightly increased wxWidgets 2.5.x support. * FIXED: The color is saved for categories that do not have descriptions. * Migrated Tweaks Preferences to Main Prefs->Advanced. * Changed allowable queue ranges from 2000-10000 to 5-1000. * More changes that I have forgotten over the past hectic weeks. * Incorporated all changes from 1.9.0 to 1.9.5.

I have single-handedly developed xMule since before the release of 1.8.3 on 2004-07-10. While this is impressive by any standard (do you think any one at the hostile fork of this project could do the same?) I do, however, have limitations, and that is where you could conceivably come in.

A continuous battle rages behind the scenes in the development of xMule. Namely, 99% of all public ED2K servers are proprietary closed source. Of these, the lugdunum server (which runs on Razorback) is by far the most prevalently distributed. Due to the psychological dynamics of the ED2K community -- primarily, the eMule monopoly -- server changes are not made public in any real fashion, instead the makers of the servers notify a select few projects directly.

Because of this I am personally always out of the loop with regard to server changes, while projects such as our hostile fork have front-row access to most, if not all, of the major changes. Thus, while xMule has been incapable of connecting to most lugdunum servers virtually every 6 months or so, our hostile fork does not...which gives a biased distorted view that xMule is somehow incapable.

I am willing to pay some one, via a reputable 3rd-party escrow service, $250 USD for patches to xMule that would allow it to connect to all the same servers as eMule. You could conceivably know very little C++ or even how ED2K works and just copy code from our hostile fork (as they already copy virtually every thing from eMule). Please contact me at hopeseekr -at- gmail -dot- com if interested.