About xMule

xMule is an open-source multi-platform peer-2-peer application. It is a program to share and download files over the Internet. It currently runs on Linux and *BSD, and compiles on Windows.

This project started as an eMule v0.26d port for Linux (see lMule) and thus xMule is an eDonkey network client. Unlike eMule, which uses MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes), xMule uses wxWidgets for the Graphical User Interface and various parts of its core. wxWidgets allows software to compile and run on many platforms. xMule is in the process of supporting more platforms, such as Windows and Macintosh, by making more use of wxWidgets.

During xMule's development, eMule also managed to update itself with many new features, such as: the Kad network, AICH, large files support, protocol obfuscation, and more. xMule slowly adapts these new features, as the changes are big and porting correctly takes time.

    The project's team currently includes:

  • Ted R. Smith, aka HopeSeekr
  • Avi Vahl

Since xMule started off eMule's code base, it is bound to the use of the GNU General Public License for its source code. The development takes place on the SourceForge.net infrastructure. Any user can check the latest developments on the Subversion repository and submit his own patches, feature requests, and bug reports. Users feedback is crucial for this project's success.