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xMule New Site Coming
Posted by HopeSeekr on Wednesday, April 27 @ 00:47:44 CDT (1182 reads)

I have started to fulfill one of my long-held goals today. Crefn and I, right before we parted, came up with the idea of building a blog at incendiary.ws detailing how humans destroy the planet and offering down-to-earth suggestions on how to personally put all Life before your lazy routines. (One such thing: Where does your fresh water go when you flush it down the drain?) For the meanwhile, however, it is the outpouring of my heart+soul [e.g. my personal blog]. I feel inspired to update it at least once every day for the next 154 days so go on it. The first person that emails me showing that I've missed 3 days without forewarning on the site gets $50. Go to HopeSeekr's Incendiary Diary today!

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Coding Blog Coding Blog: L'art de la Vie (The Art of Living)
Posted by HopeSeekr on Wednesday, April 13 @ 01:13:36 CDT (1254 reads)

Dedicated to Persuica Crefn Mhyn
Love, Ted 13 April 2005
(\_/) (^.^) (")_(")
Devotion: Aka True Love. Being there when it hurts; When it ruins your life, Never regretting. The woman you've never kissed Dying a senseless death. Before you could propose, Adopting her sons as your own.

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xMule xMule 1.10.0 released!
Posted by HopeSeekr on Sunday, March 20 @ 12:42:33 CST (6459 reads)

It happened! After 6 months of refactoring the 1.9-unstable branch, I am pleased to announce the release of xMule 1.10.0 in the stable branch. Stable releases are usually far more fail-safe, less resource-hungry, and generally better-performing than their unstable/testing brethren. Great care has gone into making sure this version preforms better than any previous release, both unstable and otherwise, and thus is recommended over every existing release for every person, especially those still using 1.8.4.

xmule-1.10.0.rar (1.08 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]
xmule-1.10.0.tar.bz2 (1.19 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]
Highly-optimized Linux binary (1.61 MB) [WWW] Req. wxGTK 2.4 w/ GTK2

 --> Know C++? Read more on how to make money developing xMule! Ted R. Smith | HopeSeekr | Un-Thesis Buy Tickets | Best P2P Client for UNIX, the Linux eMule

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xMule Folding@Home, xMule, and FireFox
Posted by HopeSeekr on Friday, February 25 @ 03:21:21 CST (874 reads)

What if a program used by tens of thousands could bundle not spyware but helpware. Imagine thousands of instance additions to the FireFox Folding@Home Team and you'll see the beauty of this, as well as a perfectly-GPLish form of payment to the voluntary developers of such appreciated apps. Check it out at SpreadTheFox (or if the domain doesn't resolve for you yet, try the secondary link.

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Coding Blog Coding Blog: Code 46
Posted by HopeSeekr on Sunday, February 20 @ 18:45:40 CST (2045 reads)

Imagine the world approx. 150 years now. Global warming has eroded the world's ozone layer to such a point that virtually all of the planet is desert. A few hundred million humans remain, mostly in large metropolitan areas where "cover" from the Sun is the most prized authorization...

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Coding Blog Coding Blog: Why so many comments are modded down?
Posted by HopeSeekr on Wednesday, January 26 @ 23:24:16 CST (2029 reads)

As has been pointed out by some people, a great many articles -- OK, nearly every one -- say there are more comments than most people see. The reason is that they have been modded down by one or more of the users. Generally, all these down-mods occur for merely three recurring reasons: Flames by programmers of hostile forks, flames advertising hostile forks, flames against my personal character when in response to personal articles about myself.

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Coding Blog Why *not* to use BitTorrent (scary!!)
Posted by HopeSeekr on Sunday, January 09 @ 00:37:47 CST (7109 reads)

Look, not since Napster has there been an easier way to nab sharers than BitTorrent, with the possible exception of Gnutella. Read how Apple isolated the source of a torrent stream and are suing him for damages. Proprietary Operating Systems are the most grossing software products in the world. They could theoretically sue him for punitive damages in the millions...it does not matter if he can't pay. The less he can pay, the more time he spends in the worse federal prisons. If you value a non-fascist world where such invasions of privacy are impossible, you should seriously support this project, as I have the legal experience, vision, skill, and dedication to make such a dream feasible. It's not about money, it's about control.

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xMule xMule 1.9.5 released!
Posted by HopeSeekr on Thursday, January 06 @ 15:21:23 CST (8906 reads)

Over three months were spent making this release one of the best ever. As evinced by the lack of bug reports for the 4th preview of this release, this should be one of the most productive versions of xMule yet, both in terms of added features, large performance increases, and the refactoring of the source code in general. You'll want to see the changelog for this :-) xmule-1.9.5.rar (1.07 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]--> xmule-1.9.5.tar.bz2 (1.19 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]--> Highly-optimized Linux binary (1.61 MB) [WWW] Req. wxGTK 2.4 w/ GTK2

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xMule xMule 1.9.5pre4
Posted by HopeSeekr on Monday, January 03 @ 09:27:27 CST (4870 reads)

Lots of changes...seriously recommended over every other version, with a few qualifications. Read more for list of known bugs (and patches) in this release. My copy of this has been running 4D 15 hours and uses ~15% CPU. xmule-1.9.5pre4.rar (1.15M) [ED2K Link - preferred]
xmule-1.9.5pre4.tar.bz2 (1.29M) [ED2K Link - preferred]
"If I could only go through the ducts and leap out onstage in a cape – that's my dream." -Ralph Nader, on the presidential debates

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xMule xmule-1.9.5pre2
Posted by HopeSeekr on Friday, November 19 @ 18:06:00 CST (4967 reads)

This is pretty stable. Just putting it out there in case you want it before I have time to invest in the complicated release/notification effort. [ed2k link] xmule-1.9.5pre2.tar.bz2

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