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Beginning User Migration

I have begun to migrate users over from PHP-Nuke to Drupal. I suspect this will take one to two hours. Then I will attempt to add Invision Power Board user accounts to Drupal. And finally, I seek to sync IPB and Drupal registration services together so that new users and changes to profiles affect both portals at the same time.

The end result will be much like the IPB-Nuke portal system I had operational from June to Nov 2004.

Err..fuck that shit...I'm going to release xMule 1.10.0b first...2 hrs.

Site operational, yay :-)

Here is a link to the old PHP-Nuke site

Tomorrow I will migrate user accounts to the old one and seek to integrate Invision Power Board into Drupal. if such isn't the case, I'm sure it will be *far* easier than when I integrated IPB with PHP-Nuke about a year ago :o

See my blog for further details.


xMule 1.10.0

It happened! After 6 months of refactoring the 1.9-unstable branch, I am pleased to announce the release of xMule 1.10.0 in the stable branch. Stable releases are usually far more fail-safe, less resource-hungry, and generally better-performing than their unstable/testing brethren.

Great care has gone into making sure this version preforms better than any previous release, both unstable and otherwise, and thus is recommended over every existing release for every person, especially those still using 1.8.4.

xmule-1.10.0.rar (1.08 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]
xmule-1.10.0.tar.bz2 (1.19 MB) [WWW] [ED2K Link]
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