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New host at last. I believe forums are probably frecked, but good goddess i hated them. Last time I visited the forums (some time in late May) it said that I hadn't been there since 5th April, lol. If you want support,email me. If it's important I'll release a new version of xMule promptly.

I DO NOT MIND REPEATING MYSELF and prefer email 100% as there are no trolls and I don't have to go looking for people with problems, they find me. Click on the "get support!" link above.

Changing servers...

Update (22:54 -0500 UTC): Backing up the site now...stay tuned.

I got an excellent bargain on a new webhost that is capable of handling this site's traffic:

  • 5,000 MB Diskspace
  • 100 GB xfer / month
  • Mirror Datacenters in America and Europe :o
  • $4.95 / month

I will be switching tomorrow, meaning you'll probably see the changes Sunday.

In other news...

Internet Explorer in Linux?!

I did this feat in order to test IE-specific changes to the [past employer] website, which I am turning from a non-HTML4-compliant tabled monstrousity to pure-CSS beauty.

Here is a screenshot, which also shows me running Winamp 5.09 :o

xMule 1.10.0b Released!

Continuing the trends of stable releases, there hasn't been a single major bug reported concerning xMule 1.10.0 — as far as I know — so this is mostly a maintainence release. I spent several hours fixing the installation system and making *highly* optimized binaries for Pentium 4s and AthlonXPs. To install, extract and add to your $PATH.

xMule Source Code

xmule-1.10.0b.rar (1.06 MB) [WWW]
xmule-1.10.0b.tar.bz2 (1.17 MB) [WWW]

Highly-optimized Linux binaries (includes wxGTK2-2.4.2)

AthlonXP [rar] (2.01 MB) [bz2] (2.73 MB)
Pentium 4 [rar] (2.02 MB) [bz2] (2.73 MB)

STOP! Don't miss another release! Subscribe to xMule release notification at Freshmeat. All files are also available here.

Nice mod :p

I modified' fieldelectric Drupal theme quite substantially tonight. Update: I added transparent <div>s :o Here is a screenshot:

thumbnail of

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