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xMule v1.10.1 Released!

This is yet another stable xMule release. Version 1.10.1 mainly focuses on fixing compilation and compatibility bugs. Please note that this version is the first version to include the xMule Acceptable Use Policy. The xMule team does not encourage illegal Internet activities of any kind, and we just wanted to make it clear. We ask the community to drop us a line in the Official xMule Forums and give us some feedback on this release.

xMule Source Code

xmule-1.10.1.rar (1.07 MB) [WWW]
xmule-1.10.1.tar.bz2 (1.30 MB) [WWW]

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1.10.1 Rumours

There are rumours circulating here and there...

xMule 1.10.1 has been released, coded by anonymous people ... it's probably Americans because none of us can effectively code xMule without at least some very serious risk of lawsuit due to the recent supreme court rulling.

Rumour has it that 1.10.1 sources have been uploaded to a non-US-based opensource development site but are not available to the general public. Word also has it that others saw the files on ED2K.

No word yet. If you're a non-american interested in helping spread freedom in an otherwise inhospitable climate, email me

xMule is Now Illegal :-/

I can no longer legally develop xMule since I am in the jurisdiction of the United States. The Supreme [fascist] Court of the USA has unilaterally declared that programmers of filesharing programs — even when there is *zero* financial gain (i haven't received a donation since 31 Dec 2003) — can be sued for making the program. Luckily for you, all the aMule devs live outside the USA. Unlucky for me, fate sides with them again.

You may find my essay on how Judicial Tyranny Killed America in 1803 interesting.

Website Updates

I've decided to take the time and make some updates to the website:

1. Upgraded to the latest Drupal version (4.6.1). Drupal is the portal which we currently use to show you guys articles. If you haven't heard about it before, you might want to check it out because it is simply fast, small, good looking portal.

2. Added the smilies module to Drupal which basically means it now shows smilie images like the following: :) :( :P... I hope you like it as much as I do. ;) Please note that smilies will only show when you use the Filtered HTML input format (you can choose it below where you type the comments; it is default).

Coding Marathon -- Win32 Compatibility

Yes, you read that right. Due to a recent back injury I have the rest of the day and the weekend free to code 24x7. And I'm taking pledges. If you think it's possible to get a fairly-stable xMule running in Windows environments without proprietary libraries in under 72 hours, by one person's efforts, by all means place money on the table. You'll only have to pay if I'm successful.

I'll split the proceeds with any one that helps, based on their percentage of code.

My goal is to get it to compile in windows in under 8 hours. Since I dont' even have a dev system installed at the moment

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