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xMule v1.12.0 Released!

This release fixes all known bugs that have cropped up in xMule over the months. xMule now effortlessly connects to all known ED2K servers (incl. Razorback), crashes less, and over-all is a more solid client. Why skip 1.11.0? Well, stable releases are always even numbers and because of the wide range of files edited, we chose to up the minor version number.

Below are attached two binary tarballs. Simply extract one of them into / and you're set. One uses a new, unreleased, wx 2.4 branch that is compatible with GTK+-2.8 while the other uses wxGTK 2.6.2. While wxGTK 2.6.2 is prefered, your mileage may be better with the 2.4.3, thus both are included.

xMule Source Code and Binaries

xmule-1.12.0.tar.bz2 (1.23 MB) [WWW]
xMule Linux Binary with wxGTK 2.6.2 * prefered (2.88 MB) [WWW]
xMule Linux Binary with wxGTK 2.4.3 (2.71 MB) [WWW]

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