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Emergency SSH Access

If you can provide me with SSH access to a relatively fast (2200MHz+) x86 Linux box, any distribution, please contact me directly via IRC (efnet#xmule) or email (see "Get Support!" in the upper-left). I will need either non-unicode wxGTK 2.6.2 with development headers installed or the equivalent sudo permissions to install my own. Thanks.
* Update: Shell access gloriously donated by our new friends over at the Audacious Mediaplayer Project, specifically its maintainer's, nenolod, devbox.

Have you *ever* used xMule's Notifier 'feature'?

Illegitimate Nature of European Union

As an American freedom striver, I am fairly amazed that so many Europeans passively accept the fascist nature of the European Union. How many of the European MPs that voted for this resolution did you actually vote for? Most of all, where are the checks and balances?

As an ardent student of American and European history, I must confess that the European Union is in a cross-roads crossed disasterously by the united states of America [sic] back in 1864, when Abraham Lincoln forged a single United Federal State at gun-point and the lives of a million people. You *mustn't* similarily give up your self-determinism for some fascist collective! If power indeeds corrupt, the only politicians that should have sway over your personal lives should be (literally) within the arms reach of a well-armed populace; otherwise, it only takes one armed tyrant to control 1,000.

Do you, like Bush, think the Constitution is "Worthless Paper"?

New Server

This is the new server. Our bandwidth conspicuously spiked from 5 GBs/month to 98 GB on the 2nd and 3rd of December. Draw your own conclusions.

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