xMule Directory/File Sharing HOWTO

So, you open up xMule and - being the conscientious sharer that you are - the first thing you do is head to the Main Options dialog and to your surprise discover that the ubiquitous Shared Directories dialog is conspicuously missing. Surely the devs couldn't have forgotten to put *that* in! And, indeed, we haven't. We just have a better system.

So, break out of the Win32 mindset and embrace the power of UNIX by using the xMule directory selection system:

$ cd ~/.xMule/Incoming
$ ln -s /root_path/for/directory/
$ ln -s /path/to/individual/file

That's it! Using this system, you can effortlessly swap and/or share file lists between users,
and keep your folders even after removing your default configuration. Makes backup a cinch too. Net, huh?