xMule v1.13.6 Released!

This release focused on Unicode support which is virtually complete. In fact, the binaries attached use the Unicode version of wxWidgets 2.6.2. Additionally, 64-bit support has been increased, however, it is still sometimes impossible to source files in 64-bit mode.

For help installing the binary packages, see the HOWTO. You'll probably need GTK+ 2.8 installed.

xMule Source Code and Binaries

xmule-1.13.6.tar.bz2 (1.19 MB) [WWW]
xmule-1.13.6.x86-gcc33.package *preferred (2.04 MB) [WWW]

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Version 1.13.6

  • FIXED: Two minor compilation problems in 1.13.5.
  • Drammatically overhauled Unicode support.
  • Strengthened 64-bit support.
  • 5084 lines changed since 1.13.5.