Site operational, yay :-)

Here is a link to the old PHP-Nuke site

Tomorrow I will migrate user accounts to the old one and seek to integrate Invision Power Board into Drupal. if such isn't the case, I'm sure it will be *far* easier than when I integrated IPB with PHP-Nuke about a year ago :o

See my blog for further details.




Btw, layout seems to be broken on ....
Using Firefox-hourly-trunk on a 1024*768 resolution...

New site

I like the new layout! It looks much nicer on the eyes IMHO. Now, is this Content Management System really better than PHP-Nuke (on the admin's point of view)? What made you choose it? Also, why integrate the IPB forums (although I love IPB) again, when you can simply convert the IPB database to Drupal's already-integrated forum system (as seen on I think should drop IPB, since it is not completely free software now (since v2.x)...

Good job overall! :-)