Contact Developers

There are numerous ways of contacting the xMule Team members:

IRC is probably the best place to find us, ask questions, and find answers. We give the best "live" support we can 24-hours-a-day. IRC is also a place we talk about other stuff, like life, problems, or anything that comes in mind. To reach us, you need to get an IRC client, connect to one of freenode's servers, and then join the #xMule channel. Inside, you'll see a list of online users, which includes the developers of xMule, friends, and other users. Come and visit us, we are waiting! :)

Up next, are the xMule Forums. We use the phpBB bulletin board software, which is one of the largest open-sourced forums available. In the xMule Forums, each user has a unique username which allows him to post messages, both in public and privately to other members. The advantage of the forums, is that all the messages are preserved and after a while you get an "archive" of questions and answers, which users can search through and even help themselves. If a user cannot find an answer to his problem, he can simply open a new thread and wait for someone to answer. The phpBB forums are very user friendly, and are also divided into different sections to allow easier surfing and solution finding. You can see a link to the xMule forums on the left menu of the website.

And for users who are more comfortable writing e-mails, you can always send a direct e-mail to HopeSeekr, the main developer of xMule. HopeSeekr just loves helping users with Linux/xMule problems and quickly replies to every e-mail he receives. His e-mail address is: Please note the HopeSeekr is also online 24h/day in the IRC channel.

Email is by far Hope's preferred method of contact; response times average under 30 minutes in between the hours of 9 AM - 10 PM CST6CDT (15:00 and 4;00 UTC). He can also be reached via GTalk: hopeseekr.

We hope to hear from you,
The xMule Team